“Having tasted several different cheesecakes in my life, J’s by far was the absolute best. Not only in appearance but the perfect blend of the graham cracker crumble type crust with the perfect blend of moist and a smooth filling. Not too sweet nor too bland. The best part was that it was shipped clear across the US and it still arrived in perfect condition and only lasted in the home for two days before it was devoured! All I can say is YUMMMMMMMY!”    M. Vincent; Newport Beach, CA



J prepared a cheesecake for me to share with my co-workers and I was pleasantly surprised that it did not taste like your usual home-made cheesecake. It exceeded what I usually expect from cheesecakes. It was creamy, delicious, and everyone came back for more. The love and effort that J puts into his cakes comes through in the taste.
-----Lisa from New York City


It was the smoothest tasting cheesecake ever. Cheesecakes are known to be very rich but this taste didn't take over. We recommend to get any flavors, you will not be disappointed. Also a plus we had these shipped at various temps and there was not one issue.   Cameron B.  Tulsa, OK


“I received one of BrOn's chocolate baskets as a Christmas gift last year. It was overflowing with so many scrumptious chocolate goodies. There was plenty to share with family and friends who commented on how unique and mouth-watering everything was. My favorites were the chocolate-dipped pretzels and bird-shaped cookies. My kids raved about the chocolate-dipped Twizzlers and marshmallows. I hope I’m fortunate enough to receive another one of J’s delicious chocolate gift baskets again this year.”  B. Graham St. Louis, MO


Brons chocolates are the best chocolates that I have ever had. Each piece of chocolate is tantalizing to make you want to eat it and when you do, you will not be disatisfied. With the variations of the chocolates I have had, i have not been disappointed with the flavor, appearance, and texture. Brons chocolates will always be a great treat for me and I recommend everyone to try some.

                                                                                     W. Lundgren


All I can really say is Wow!   The chocolates are cute, creative and taste great.   Hard to stop eating once you start.  I have never been a huge cheesecake fan until trying one of these.  The BrOn's cheesecake was so light and fluffy.     Incredible.   Steve F.  Fort Lee, NJ